Applying actuarial expertise to create management insights


Actuarial and Risk Consulting Stoll GmbH

My name is Oliver Stoll and I am owner and CEO of ARCS GmbH, a Swiss limited company.

I am a qualified actuary and university educated mathematician, having worked in the actuarial field since 2001. My main expertise is in the life insurance and risk management areas and I have been employed by consulting firms, audit companies and insurance groups. My work locations were mainly in Switzerland and Germany, but I was also involved in extended projects in the Netherlands, UK, Slovakia, Spain, Poland and South East Asia.

My clients are at the core of my business

I have experience with clients from various countries and of different sizes. I know how companies with extensive internal processes operate and how to use these to get things done. I am self-reliant and can work in less structured environments, organizing my tasks by myself and ensuring to obtain the information needed to successfully complete my tasks.