Applying actuarial expertise to create management insights


Successfully completed projects and tasks

Actuarial controllingImprovement of a model used for business planning.I corrected a large number of errors, improved the stability of the model, added cross checks. My model was then used for the mid term business planning of my client.
AuditPerform audits and lead audit teams. Communicate findings with client.Timely completion of audit engagements with all areas covered and no uncaught issues remaining.
DocumentationWrote and reviewed documentation e. g. for reporting processes and actuarial modelsReviewed MCEV documentation on group level and improved it where necessary (e. g. with respect to consistency, clarity). Rewrote the corresponding manual, taking into account feedback from stakeholders such as local entities.
Due diligenceAnalyses of business transactions with focus on risk capital situationEvaluation of investment case and estimate on risk capital based on standard formula.
Methodology developmentDeveloped tailor made methodologies based on legal requirements and client's specific situationDeveloped a model for expense inflation which was to be presented to the regulator for model approval.
Methodology reviewReviewed and gave advice where to improveReviewed the profit and loss attribution methodology.
Model developmentDeveloped and tested models based on Prophet and MoSes/Risk AgilityDeveloped an ALM model in Prophet (Life-DFA); developed models for clients in MoSes and improved performance of models in RAFM.
Model integration into UnifyUpgraded a RAFM model (e. g. with respect to tables managed as external sources) and built a workflow to run this model on the Unify environment.The client has a model that is running faster, where assumptions are better organised, with a fairly lean and transparent implementation due to an alternative approach to external sources. The client can now run projections on Unify by uploading a management table that is filled in Excel and it has already been successfully used in a couple of reporting cycles.
Oracle SQLBuild extensive queries in PL/SQL including documentation within the code and additional accompanying documentsDeveloped an extensive PL/SQL query (as a package) which can be run to populate a table that is used to deliver data from one team to another, including built in checks and validation reports. This package collects data from a number of different tables, does a series of additional calculations and data cleaning and aggregates it into the target table.
People managementLead teams of up to 10 actuariesHired and managed a team in Bratislava.
Project managementManaged change projects, ensuring milestones are reached in time, communication with stakeholders, set up dashboards.Managed a group wide project where reporting responsibilities were in part moved to a service center in Bratislava.
ProposalsAcquired leads and co-authored proposals for new projectsSuccessfully and continuously acquired projects.
PythonSet up Python models that read in data, perform analyses and produce outputs as Excel files and chartsI built a machine learning model that predicts the Solvency ratio based on a standard set of economic inputs. I tested polynomial regression, random forest and a number of differently configured neural networks. Especially neural networks are able to near-cast the solvency ratio with a very satisfactory precision.
ReinsuranceSet up a model to calculate reinsurance payments based on a live portfolio from the client. The goal was to use this model to calculate the semi annual payments (in and outgoing) based on the reinsured portfolio. A secondary goal was to validate the contract with respect to potential ambiguities and feasibility of calculations.Based on my feedback, some contractual formulae were updated to make them more concise, easier to implement and better aligned with the intended risk transfer.
Also my model is now used to calculate the net payments between insurer and reinsurer.
Risk capital modelDeveloped models, mainly using Excel/VBA and corresponding reports / dashboards.Developed a group risk capital model.
Risk reportingReviewed and consolidated reports from local business units, prepared calculations and reports for own risk capital components.Aggregation and diversification of risk capital and presentation of impact to management.
Valuation of investment caseReview and restructuring of valuation modelsWas asked to review around a dozen investment cases and corrected them where necessary.